Top Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Top Secrets of Casinos

Casinos are always the place of a lot of fun and entertainment. The recreational gamblers would always be wondering what kind of casino secrets the casino owners might be keeping from their owners. Because we know that you want to earn a huge amount of money by learning them, here we share some top secrets of casinos.

The ambiance is Down to a Science

Blinking lights, fast music, flashy interiors, these are all factors that influence the speed in which you gamble. The music of every slot machine is also tuned to the same key to avoid unpleasant noise and create a harmonious experience. And who wouldn’t want to play in such a mellifluous environment? That’s the top secret of casinos to elicit you towards their building.

No clocks

You might be wondering why most of the casinos don’t keep clocks? Well, that’s because they want you to lose track of time and only think about winning the game.

No windows

Likewise, casinos don’t contain windows. They thoroughly support a self-contained experience where you don’t bother about the day or night; instead, only focus on the big casino jackpot.

Interiors Designed to Make You Lose Money

Have you ever noticed that you can’t find the cashiers, bathrooms, or exits easily at casinos but the bar or slot machines are right there in front of you? That’s because they want you to immerse in the pool of casino jackpots to try for a game or even lose by designing such interiors. Wow! This is perhaps the most unnoticed secrets about casinos, especially for beginners.

There’s Security Everywhere

You might be thinking that it’s very easy to hack the slot machines or run away with counting cards in such a busy and entirely engrossed environment. Well, we tell you that you are wrong if you think so! Casinos have installed the number of security cameras everywhere. There are secret and covert security guards who keep their eyes on you even when you are gambling.

Rare Occasional Win

Casinos often promise you the occasional win to pull you back again and again. The secret is in fact, the casino machines that let you “win” don’t help you in earning a huge amount of money. After all, the casino owners have planned everything very sensibly and consciously. They know that if you are a casino addict, you would invest money and lose irresponsibly.

Casino Games You Should Avoid

Not only the keno games, but others such as Three-Card Poker, Caribbean Stud, and Double Exposure Blackjack all have big payouts, but people thinking of playing these games have very rare chances of winning. This is a secretive trick played by the casinos to make you greed for huge payouts, instead, you lose for not having enough experience in these games.

Easiest Game – Baccarat

One of the best-kept casino secrets is that Baccarat is one of the easiest games to play, requiring zero skills and often having low buy-in. You only place the bet to the banker or player and then the dealer deals. The hand with the closest total to 9 wins.

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